To help with your event planning, please  download our clubhouse diagram document

Flexibility – Your room arrangement is only limited by your imagination!
Whether it's a party for 50 or a large celebration for 150+ we can make it happen.

Foyer, Tea Room, Ballroom, 2 Stages… all for you to customize. Divide your space anyway you want. And don't forget our 40 foot Mediterranean tiled patio looking out over the water! Add high top tables or maybe a few sofas… create a perfect gathering area… lighted and gently cooled… naturally & with ceiling fans.

 Here is a clear palate … just mark "X" in the spots you want tables
- figure 8 or 10 guests to a 60" round table
- rectangles available for a head table & buffet. 

Let the creative juices flow… make the event "your own".
Below are a few examples other room arrangements for inspiration. 

ballroom-arrangement-150 ballroom-arrangement-61 ballroom-arrangement-100 ballroom-arrangement-175

Hints for Planning

  • we can comfortably seat 150 - 175 for table service (ballroom)
  • buffet only with 10 at a table = 200 guests (without dance area)
  • remember to add in space for your head/privacy table, DJ/band if using one and dancing area
  • you have 2 stages to work with too!
  • 10 foot parquet floor and/or large 25 foot tiled area for dancing!

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