From horse back riders to modern day Segways… this magnificent piece of property has witnessed it all…Land developer C. Perry Snell graciously donated the current site of the GFWC St. Petersburg Woman’s Club to women of the community back in the early 1920s.

It was rough, thick primitive territory on the outskirts of town with little access other than a rickety wooden plank bridge. After much discussion, the ladies accepted his offer of land and dreamed of a future building they could call their own.

The woman’s club formed in 1913 with fourteen members and joined the Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs.

Historical notes say they formed to get spittoons added to street corners and a fence built around downtown William’s Park to keep out the wandering cows and hogs.

In 1924 they also joined the General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC), still one of the largest women’s volunteer service organizations in the world. That same year they became incorporated so they could own property. What you see here today is the original dream of those fine ladies in the nineteenth century.


They wanted a community gathering place. There was no television then so town meetings, singing, plays and performances were the entertainment. During your tour of our building you can still see the original ticket office, the coat check room and beautiful stage where thousands of local citizens have performed.



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St. Petersburg Woman's Club has been the gathering place for women to chat, giggle and provide hands-on service in the community since 1913.

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