Woman's Club members have been reaching out in the community since 1913! As part of GFWC (General Federation of Women's Clubs) we offer activities in art, conservation, home life, public issues and community and international outreach. Just a few more recent projects include:

  • Hundreds of handmade pillows for Hospice
  • Draw string bags with shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap etc for children removed from their homes and placed into protective custody (Sally House)
  • Kidney dialysis belts to soften the port entry
  • Skull caps for lining the helmets of military in war zones
  • Have begun local libraries
  • Collect & distribute school supplies to kids in September (public schools) & toys in December (Christmas Toy Shop)
  • Members volunteer in museums, hospital gift shops, Florida Orchestra Guild Open House, Ring bells for Salvation Army, help at SPCA Pet Walk and mentor school children
  • We’re preparing teacher reference suitcases for all states so kids can see items members have collected when traveling across the United States – cotton ball from N.C., post cards from Texas, peach pit from S.C., model ship from Boston etc
  • Collect & donate gently used prom dresses for teen girls (Fairy Dust Project)
  • Collect socks for school children
  • Collect newspapers & cardboard rolls for pet toys (SPCA)

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St. Petersburg Woman's Club has been the gathering place for women to chat, giggle and provide hands-on service in the community since 1913.

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